Spey Technology's New Employee Symposium on "Welcoming the New with Heart and Walking Together"
Release time:2023-05-04 09:33:34   Author:小编

Spey Technology's New Employee Symposium on "Welcoming the New with Heart and Walking Together"


On April 14, 2023, the New Employee Symposium "Welcoming the New with Heart, Walking Together" planned by the Human Resources and Administration Department was held in the multi-functional room of Three Factories. This event built a communication bridge between leaders and new employees, understood their voices, effectively helped employees solve problems in work and life, and created a good corporate culture. Vice General Manager Li Na attended the meeting and delivered a speech.





Vice President Li Na first welcomed the joining of young new forces, elaborated on the company's superior personal development conditions and beautiful prospects, and stated that the future development and exploration of Spey will be a qualitative leap. As long as we continue to learn, work hard to create, have the courage to climb, and strive with thick accumulation and thin development, we will definitely be able to win numerous fruits in Spey in the future.

During the interactive communication session, new colleagues actively discussed and expressed their opinions. Liu, the head of the Human Resources Department, patiently answered each question one by one. New colleagues' questions about work, life, and development prospects were all resolved; In the group game segment, everyone laughed and applauded, creating a particularly harmonious atmosphere; During the personal talent display session, I appreciated the loud singing voice and handsome fitness movements demonstrated by my new colleagues. Enhanced understanding among new colleagues and enhanced team cohesion.

The new forces of Spey should bear in mind that determination is not about strength, and success is not about speed. May everyone become a shining star in Spey's future.