SPEY Technology Trainer Development ---- Training of TTT teaching skill
Release time:2023-02-23 10:59:35   Author:Minor editor

As Konosuke Matsushita said, “Talents come first before product.

Education plays an important role of trump-card during enterprise development in the modern economy. A mature and long-view enterprise should put the education and employees ’training as a priority into daily work schedule.

In order to establish a complete training system, increase the team, and further to enhance the core role of internal trainers in the training and education system, effectively inherit internal excellent experience, business knowledge and skills. Therefore, on 10th Dec. the company invited Mr. Xia, an external trainer, to provide a one-day training on " TTT Teaching Skills of Internal Trainers". More than 50 middle and high management from all departments have participated the training.




This course mainly presented below competences: team spirit, 4 competences improvement of trainers, speech formula practice and charming presentation. During this training, methodologies like inspiration teaching, case studies and interactions etc. provided a wonderful “TTT” training journey of students. Let’s take a look! 


At the beginning, 5 random teams are setup via game Bid Wind”. As it is saying that “There is always a teacher through your companies”. Via groups, everyone can brainstorm and learn from each other. Later on, the trainer guides the members to share their thoughts and energy within the group, so as to bring them closer, to further achieve the training target.

After knowing each other, each team selected a team leader, committees and other roles. They also got an interesting and unique team name and slogan. Through the group learning, the students ‘abilities in curiosity, challenge and feeling of involvement have been inspired via internal and external motivation.  





Fight for Glory

For the team glory, students showed external motivation through proactive and interactive speech. They also got internal motivation through the poker game of winning points.

This learning experience of deep involvement supports the students better on learning courses.






The four core competences of the internal trainer are: brave to talk, able to talk, know how to talk and good at talk. The course took behavior management as case study. The students discussed from the four topics in confidence, process, content, and altruism, and then practice according to their guideline. Mr. Xia summarized and evaluated each speech, we wish that the students can put what they have learned into speech practice for improvement.



Through the one-day training, all students have mastered the stage control skills, speech style formation and improvement. The fragrance is revealed, and the style remains. SPEY people are always moving together!